[parallax photourl=”http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2891/13219810065_709789b283_o.jpg” verticaloffset=”-70″] [row_fluid] [heading_entrance title=”I Am Dark Fuckerberg.” text=”and this is my blog.”] [/row_fluid] [/parallax][spacer] [container custom_class=””] [row_fluid] [heading_entrance title=”The man behind the vest.” text=”I’m a gay, single (but not desperate, but super available), college student with a major in trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong, and a minor in being completely fucking over it.  I generally hate mornings, wearing pants, and small talk, but I have a strong affinity for Mexican food, music festivals, and redneck porn.”] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span4]

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On Fitness

“My ideal weight is Seth Rogen on top of me.”

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On Drugs

“Two, please!”

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On Love

“I’m just looking for a guy I still want to hang out with after I cum.”

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I started this blog a couple of years ago per my therapist’s suggestion.   In its beginning stages, it was a legitimate outlet to voice my fears and dreams…but then it quickly became a Tyler Perry movie.   Those posts have since been archived into the same dark corner of my hard-drive where pre-2010 pics reside (I was 300 pounds and beardless.  You will never.)  Now cheekily named after two of my favorite things, my only goal for Studs&Drugs is for it to help me remember what the fuck I did with my life. [/span6] [/row_fluid][/widerow]