The crowning moment for every music fanatic turned artist/promoter is the realization that, with a little bit of work, they too can contribute to the scene they love so much. That’s the story behind CabinFest. It’s an event that inherently promotes good tunes and good times over money, run by a non-profit so you know your hard-earned funds are going straight into the hands of the artists and production teams that make it all happen. CabinFest 2018 is looking to be their most immersive year yet, so don’t miss out. But if you’re not quite sold yet, here’s a few reasons why CabinFest stands out as one of the most unique festivals in the north east.

1. It’s run by music lovers, for music lovers.

It’s worth repeating that the heads behind this event are in the business for all the right reasons. When Jeremy Muckel was hitting his first shows at the age of 16, he might not have known where him and his friends were headed, but he definitely knew they wanted to build their own community where music, passion, and dedication came first. CabinFest is the ultimate manifestation of that dream.

2. The location is both private and breathtaking.

The venue is nestled within 50 acres of creekside land at your disposal to explore. Take a dip or a hike to soak in every bit of the Berkeley Springs property you can before Sunday comes, along with dread for the impending work week. The main stage boasts some of bass, electro-funk, and dubstep’s hottest up-and-coming producers (and a few jaw-dropping headliners to boot) should keep you entertained all week. And with this being the only stage, that’s means no soundbleed and no set conflicts!

3. You’ll feel like family at the potluck-style barbecue.

CabinFest is basically your standard family reunion, except instead of cheek-pinching aunts, and sneaking away with your favorite cousin to smoke a blunt, you’ll be surrounded by straight homies who you already know and feel comfortable being your true creature-self around. Bring a yummy dish to share and enjoy as much heartwarming barbecue as your stomach can hold. And none of that explaining to Grandma what a “Bassnectar” is.

4. The allure of a massive lineup in an intimate setting.

We could probably ramble on for a few hours about the artists CabinFest is bringing in this year, but we’ll save you a headful and offer up a couple of recommendations instead. For some rightfully wonky dub, EsseksJizzy Fra and Choppy Oppy are sure to please, and Indobeats offers up a similar vibe but with a heavier hip hop influence. The Orcastrator is a go-to choice for tasty electro-soul, and with Wax Future headlining and both Essonite and Heavyside Function in the cut, progressive funk is clearly coming in strong. It’s recommended you show up Thursday in order to get two full days of music in on Friday and Saturday.


5. Funktion-1s. Need we say more?

Yea, with all the artists we just named and more to come, CabinFest bringing in the Funktion-1 sound system is the icing on the cake. Shit’s crisp, ‘nuff said. Seriously, don’t sleep on CabinFest 2018.