Just last week we had the honor of talking to Sage Storm Davis about her incredible work with the Theta Movement, a high quality jewelry collective making waves and producing incredible work. Their artist showcase is coming up next Friday, November 2nd, but the fun doesn’t stop once the gallery closes. When your finished peeping the flashy wire-wraps and handcrafted jewelry, the Theta Movement has paired with Aspire Higher, and Sh*t Happens for an exciting after party.

Warehouse on Watts, a great venue that’s recently popped into the Philadelphia scene will host, a collection of downtempo dream-weavers whose high end class of psy-world and trip-hop will be the perfect chaser to the Theta Movement Showcase. Headlining the night is Atyya, whose incredible layers of sound I’m incredibly excited to experience. Supporting acts include the increasingly popular 5AM Trio, Soulacybin, and Shapesift.


The Theta Movement has worked incredibly hard to put both of these exciting shows together, we can promise they won’t be anything you want to miss! Tickets are available for the afterparty, here.