Bassnectar stunned us all yesterday when he announced not one, but four new events set for 2018! From March 30th – 31st, the team makes its triumphant return to Chicago – this time taking over the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago (The Hyatt Regency O’Hare next door is the move, btw).

“For this first seasonal gathering we will celebrate the dawning of Spring: rebirth, regeneration, and a radiant gratitude for life. And the whole team is amping up on all levels: art, music, interactivity, and community.”

Joining him on these dates are the talented TroyBoi, Tokimonsta, IvyLab, Andreilien, Rezz, and Danny Corn. Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 15th @ 1PM ESTCLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!. Those unlucky enough to snag presales will get a second chance with the general public tickets going on sale Thursday, November 16th @ 1PM EST – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

In addition to this announcement, the bass wizard also dropped some hints and clues in regards to the additional three events he has planned for next year in the format of “Region —> City —> Name of Event”.

While some clues are obvious, others, not so much. Let’s discuss.


1. Colorado

Because what rhymes with “We Smile” is obviously Freestyle (Sessions) which took place in Colorado last year, we can only assume this is where his 3-day event will be happening again this time around. However, I believe it will evolve into a camping festival, as we all remember this snippet from Lorin’s AMA earlier this summer:


1. Philadelphia

This rumor has had a shelf life longer than most, which is the only reason why I believe there may be some truth to it. Not sure who would host this event, the Philadelphia Convention Center perhaps? Nonetheless, one thing is certain – Philly deserves this. And after our luck snagging Pretty Lights for New Year’s Eve, let’s just hope lightning strikes twice.

2. Hampton

This is probably the most logical location of the bunch. With as much as the City of Hampton loves Nectar, and as much as The Coliseum holds a special place in our hearts, it only seems fit to return to The Mothership again. Probably speaking from a heavily-biased stance, but everything from the success of The Lots, to the support from local law enforcement, Bass Center in Hampton last year just felt right.

3. Atlantic City

Before we get too cozy, let’s not forget about Basslantic. I feel like Nectar was particularly fond of that venue and, honestly, the city could really use the business. AC is pretty much a ghost town and, while not the safest, it was pretty dope seeing bass heads breathe life back into the boardwalk as we mobbed the block all weekend. I would not at all be upset with a Round #2.

4. New York City

Come 2018, it will have been about 4 years since the Bass God sold out Madison Square Garden with Bass Center VIII. That was a night I’ll never forget. (Shout out to Rusko – one time for kicking cancer’s ass!) While I’m personally not too fond of MSG for another Nectar event, I can’t deny how iconic that was. Can’t see him choosing this as the venue, but the man is full of surprises.


1. Atlanta

ATL HOE! Atlanta is no stranger to Nectar events. They’ve probably gotten blessed the most. From Basslanta, to New Year’s Eve, it wouldn’t shock me if Lorin lowkey had a condo in Buckhead. Although, some may argue Atlanta is technically on the East Coast, it’s also considered the South. So it’d make sense if this helped satisfy one of the four regions of these series of events.

2. New Orleans

Like Weezy said, “if I had one guess, then I guess I’m just New Orleans!” This is probably 110% wishful thinking but how dope would it be to catch Bassnectar in the Big Easy?! We’ve already gotten Pretty Lights last year and Tipper this year, it’s basically Nectar’s chance to bat. Not to mention New Orleans is about as South as it gets. Here’s hoping!
Did I miss anything? Where do you think the next three events will be? Put on your detective hats and let me know what your predictions are in the comments below!