Earlier today, Bassnectar took to Reddit for about an hour long session of questions and reflections with his fanbase.  Bassheads all across the interwebs logged on for a chance to chat with the wizard and pick his brains about everything from new music, to future shows, and even what shampoo he uses.  If you were busy at the time or simply unable to participate, don’t worry, we’ve scoured through all 3,240+ comments to share what we felt was most important:

  •  On his collaborations with G Jones and Tom Morello:

“YES! Greg and I are working constantly on new music together! Tom Morello and I have had a lot of fun as well. He hit me up in like 2015 to help work on his new album. We ended up writing a track together which involved an insane amount of back and forth. It was an amazing process. He was working with some other DJs on more electronic music, and i was like DUDE…lets make a song like Rage Against the Machine, which has never been made before, and we did…it slotttters.  Then we spent over a year working with vocalists, and ended up working with Big Boi [OutKast] and Killer Mike [Run The Jewels] – it is HEAVY DUTY!!!  But I’m waiting on Tom Morello to release it, he is working on a whole album so im just chillin :)” – source

  • On his decision to not offer camping at Bass Center this year:

“It involved a lot of really crazy background stuff…multiple insane camping festival sites that fell through last minute and a ton of different ideas which were all being juggled…and essentially Hampton Coliseum really wanted me to come back and it seemed like a great opportunity.  As it happens we have this AMAZING camp ground in Colorado which we are working on something for [in] 2018…it’s just all SO much work to pull this stuff off.” – source

  • On what to expect at Bass Center X:

“Taking over Labor Day weekend [likely will not happen again] is unique because it’s 3 nights of intensive activity, and we are basically planning shenanigans from Friday morning through to Sunday morning.  For Bass Center, across three nights, I will conjur up 3 totally distinct sets (which feel like the full throttle tour sets which [are] totally unique and independent of each other) with all my favorite music, remixed into new versions, going NUTSO on the request line, and basically taking every request that comes in…with a twist :).  I was just really excited about last year’s event…beyond excited by it, and I am SO fucking amped to return to Hampton Coliseum again – that room CRUSHES.  The floor is so massive, and we are making the stands wrap around so you can spend the whole night running in circles if you wish.  But actually fuck all that, dont expect anything, just come join us and dive in deep. :)” – source

So, what do you think?  Are you excited for these new collabs to drop?  What are some camp grounds in Colorado that could possibly host this event he’s planning for next summer?  Did Lorin just confirm this year’s Bass Center X will be a 360 experience?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to point out anything I may have missed!