For the uninitiated, Blue Future’s perpetually fresh electro hip hop sound is sure to satisfy any sonic sweet tooth. It’s captivatingly cool and open-minded, and his latest projectLoFi Volume 1, released on January 25, only works to strengthen that reputation with a seriously sleek 6-track set of laidback, alien-inspired beats. 

At it’s core, LoFi Volume 1 is real treat for the beat lover. Light on the glitch-funk that strongly accented 2017’s After Tomorrow LP, each track on this new project is distinctly reminiscent of J Dilla’s idiosyncratic sampling style. The opening track, “Time and Place” offers a smoky, soulful start (a prime time to spark a blunt?) with its dreamy piano refrain carried and warped throughout. The vibe quickly takes a serious turn with “City Nights”, featuring a rugged 16-bar laid over a heavier drum track with some real dirty wobbles holding the mood together. 

“Something On My Mind”a rather straightforward beat at face value, breathes new life into a fuzzy keyboard melody. It’s a pleasant, and reflective, calm before “The Sidewalk Stomp”, where Blue Future captures that raw and gritty sampling style that put Gramatik’s Street Bangerz albums on the map. It’s unique in its own right, but evocative of an earlier era in underground beat culture that we don’t get to experience enough today. 

To close the album is the synth-y “Burnt out”. It’s minimal and perfectly lo-fi, the only way to end an album called LoFi Volume 1. Check it out here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.