The arresting theme to all of Cualli’s music is a devotion to the majesty of nature and every track he spawns is like a love letter to its Creator.  His passion and skill, paired with an arsenal of sounds sampled during his travels from the Himalayas of India to the Amazon rainforest of Peru, affords Aaron Holsapple the tools to transport his audience across multiple landscapes. The king of the jungle demonstrates this beautifully on his latest ‘Third Eye Thunder’ EP.

The 4-track project emanates a swampy vibe, starting off with “Waka Waka Wow” which dives straight into cascading synths sandwiched between toad-esque gurgling and bird samples.  “Third Eye Thunder Part 1” continues this theme while introducing some Eastern flute work, haunting operatic vocals and perfectly sporadic scratching.  “Third Eye Thunder Part 2” reinforces that wet, damp narrative as it literally ushers in a storm of drip-hop deliciousness. Finally, the project ends with Cualli’s ominous remix of Somatoast’s “Goop”.

“There was this one time when my pineal got zapped. It felt like i was struck by lightning in the center of my head. It scared the bajeebus out of me but I got the message.” – Cualli

I’ve personally been listening to this artist’s music, exclusively, for the past few months – so as a fan I’m heavily biased in stating that I love this release.  So tell me: what do you think of Cualli’s ‘Third Eye Thunder’ EP?  Check it out and let us know in the comments below!