New releases from up-and-coming bass producers always offer a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving sound of our community: their exploration of new sonic territory appeases the insatiable craving for weirder and weirder wobbles that keep our hearts full (and wallets empty)

There’s no doubt the latest project from Boston heavy hitter DeeZStrange Matterwill satisfy that same craving with its diverse lineup of glitchy bangers and downtempo dreamworldsShort but sweet, the 4-song tracklist brings an outstandingly more psychedelic soundscape to the forefrontcompared to the mind-melting thickness of FormlessIt’s a DeeZ we’ve been hoping to hear more of since his nigh-psychotic collaboration with Frequency Fodder on Neurons Vol. 1 turned our brains into alphabet soup.

Both “Hootenanny, a percussive playground, and “Turbulent, heavy on the drum and bass influences, take DeeZs glitch game to the next level. The Smigonaut feature on “Mullen’s Bogis a definite highlight on Strange Matter; it’s easy to get lost in the liminal headspace crafted between the cavernous ambiance and mesmerizing guitar melody. Still, the grungy grime slathered all over Tangent” brings some serious business, making it the EP’s likely contender for most replayable track

Strange Matter is a flashy first look at a ton of new tunes we can expect out of DeeZ in 2018. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!