I almost couldn’t even put this into words…partially because #drugs, but more so due to the fact that Electric Forest is something you honestly just have to experience to understand.


So for starters, I’m not proud to say I won the #DouchebagOfTheYear Award because we had about a 12 hour drive to Forest that I completely missed because I’m pretty sure I slept through the entire thing leaving Pat to drive it alone (sorry, Pat!).

OK. I’m going to try my best not to drag Insomniac for the “help” they hire to run these events, because all festivals are guilty of this, but you’ve got to do better at educating your staff.  It’s not acceptable to take a teenager off the street, throw a fluorescent vest on them, and have them usher 40,000 people into your event.  It was heinous.  We were group camping, which means we paid a premium to have a designated camping area together with our friends.  It would have been v nice to have someone usher us to our assigned spot, or even the group camping area in general, however, no one had a clue.  But I have to say we really enjoyed your “every man for him self” approach as we drove in circles, sometimes through actual campsites, trying to find our friends.


As I mentioned before, I was in group camping this year –  Shoutout to #CampWavy!  This was ideal because we were closer to the festival entrance than GA Camping.  With that being said though, I’m pretty sure almost everyone in our group got lost for at least an hour trying to find the campsite at night.  Not sure if our extracurricular activities were solely to blame, but adopting Mysteryland’s street-grid system would have certainly helped.  That aside it was pretty dope.  There was a market with food and vendors that you would expect somewhere like this.  REALLY dope Grassroots vendor dome setup that seemed pretty popular.  Oh and there was always a DJ spinning at one of the vendor booths until like *8am* (for everyone who’s still rolling face and not ready to hit the sack yet).  #CLUTCH.

Ps: this was the “line” to get into the venue on the first day. Took most people 2+ hours to get in. Missed most of Mr. Carmack’s set. Yeah. #MomentOfSilence.


Now see, this is the part that left me speechless.  The forest is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  Insomniac really paid attention to detail to make your journey through the forest nothing short of an adventure.

 Not only is there the natural beauty of the landscape around you, but the team has so cohesively and comprehensively decorated the place that it’s hard to imagine it being only temporary.   

At night, the Forest really comes alive.  Almost every tree is illuminated a different color.  In some sections either a cloud or chandelier hung above you.   

Large art installations littered your path to the other stages and sometimes even paid actors on stilts would interact with you along the way.  It was really fucking cool!  Words don’t do it justice.  Especially whatever the fuck I just tried to say a second ago.  Just buy a ticket and go.  Seriously.   

There were like 7 different stages, (surprisingly) enough designated areas to setup hammocks, and even adequate restrooms/water-refill stations.  I give them titties two thumbs up! 


  • Bassnectar

  • The Funk Hunterz

  • Gramatik

Special recognition to the Jubilee stage for having the best sounds/setup.  Exmag killed their daytime set, if you missed it I feel bad for you. And EOTO fucking slayed. #ThatBASS.


I REALLY wanted to take this opportunity to highlight #TheHangar which was a new addition to Forest’s setup this year because it was an actual hangar, decked out with chandeliers, where you could dance to swing house music (because who doesn’t love that shit?!), sip dank tequila drinks, and even get your haircut! (No really, they were giving kids super cute haircuts for like $3 bucks because WHY NOT??).  Hats off for this little gem, but what really got me were all of the little hangout spots in the forest where you could just chill and chat it up with other attendees.  I made a ton of new friends late night after the shows had ended in these lounge areas – one of which was made to resemble a giant birds nest. #DOPE



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For this being my very first Electric Forest experience, I’m proud to say that I have found a new home.  A combination of the venue, lineup, and crowd has definitely cemented this festival as my new favorite!  Sprinkle my ashes in Sherwood Forest. Very special shoutout to Pat & Gabby and everyone else I partied with in #CampWavy. You guys were awesome! And as always, shout out to Insomniac and all others involved for putting on such a dope event and I look forward to joining you next year!



xo – Dark