Sometimes, the non-electronic scene just doesn’t get it. I once overheard someone refer to Bassnectar as “a button pusher” at a jam show. While the term might fit a handful of DJs appropriately, a majority of the producers we support have honed their skills as musicians through years of hard work and experience. Scott Severs of Eyes Ahead is undoubtedly one of them.

His first steps on the musical journey were taken as a guitarist for prog-rock and groove-based metal bands, building a heavy arsenal of immersive melodies he now translates into refreshingly progressive bass music. His most recent drop, “Glimpses of The Machine,” exists as a prime example of this enticing style. Sinister in just the right ways, it rips a profoundly viscous guitar riff that lifts your very core.

The dark, dripping composition is a beacon of what’s to come this June with Severs’ forthcoming EP. Beneath the intensifying waves that distort its surface, ‘Glimpses of The Machine’ illuminates the perfect sonic niche to attract metalheads and bass freaks alike. And knowing bounce-guru illanthropy is behind the track’s skillful master makes the anticipation that much more unbearable.

Hyped about a new WUMP Collective release? Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!