Last week, Bassnectar announced the second iteration of his annual Deja Voom excursion to both fanfare and criticism. After reading the reviews on the Grand Oasis, and the overall cost of the festival (not to mention a hell of a lot of internal conflicts), I thought a repeat of Deja Voom maybe wasn’t in the cards for me this year. While there is no doubt in any of our minds that the event is sure to leave a lasting impression on its thousands of attendees, we’ve also begun looking into other ways to fill our destination festival void. The answer, it appears, may be Envision Festival.

Taking place within the gorgeous rain forest landscape of Playa Hermana, just outside of Uvita, Costa Rica, Envision is a product of communal gathering, self-expression, and incredible dance music. Previously featuring an impressive collection of forward-thinking producers and musicians like Tycho, Ott., and Kalya Scintilla, Envision has been the focal point for mindfulness through music and meditation over the past 9 years.

2020 will be the festival’s 10-Year Anniversary and, for the first time in Envision history, they’re offering a full 7-day experience (February 17-24th) that includes the festival itself, as well as additional three days beforehand to attend meditation and yoga workshops, and exclusive retreats. This addition is sure to boast some interesting surprises for sure. 

“There is so much happening during the 4-day festival, that most people only attend a few workshops over the whole weekend. This allows attendees to dive a bit deeper with our world-class leaders, have more time for adventures and not have to deal with the challenge of traveling around Costa Rica days before or after.”

Josh Wendel – Envision Co-Founder/Creative Director

I’ve spoken to a few friends and colleagues who have attended Envision in the past and every single one of them talked about how life-changing of an experience it was. While this is a common description heard among attendees for their respective “favorite events,” there was a twinkle in their eyes that seemed to hint at something greater. 


While I know that for many the allure of Bassnectar far surpasses the craving for adventure, but for those who believe something new may exist beyond the horizon, consider Envision Festival this winter.