Imagine Festival returned once again with a plethora of artists sure to please several fanbases. The festival boasted six stages, each with its own unique characteristics, ranging from the absolutely massive Oceania to the three-sided TechYes stage. Before even entering the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Imagine had a stage set up on the entrance ramp to warm up attendees.

Immediately upon entering the speedway, I was greeted by a massive flower-like disco ball and impressive pyrotechnics at the aptly named Disco Inferno stage. Imagine did a great job of setting the mood from the very start. Friday night I mostly hung at Oceania and was absolutely floored by Rezz – and admittingly had quite a bit of fun at DJ Diesel’s (aka Shaq) headlining set. Shaq replaced Diplo on the lineup and I cannot complain with the decision.

On Saturday, I witnessed G Jones present his Ineffefable Truth show at Amazonia. The visual element of this show is truly captivating and should be seen by all who haven’t already. The black and white theme created some truly disorienting and mind-bending moments. Top it off with bass-heavy PK sound, and you’ll find one of the best shows in the scene right now.

After G Jones, I snuck away to catch Zed’s Dead at Oceania. While I’ve personally never been a huge fan of the group, they definitely deserved the main stage slot. For me, going from Rezz and Shaquille O’Neill on night one to Zed’s Dead the next, in addition to the plethora of house artists, showed how expansive and inviting the lineup is for Imagine. Truly there is something for everyone there.

No doubt though, Sunday was the best day. I camped out at Amazonia for the evening. The Tipper Takeover was a huge success. All three acts (plus Thriftworks) played unbelievably good shows. Visuals were on point. Tipper and Jade Cicada played to the PK Soundsystem perfectly. While yes, PK’s are a little bass-heavy in comparison to fam-favorite Funktion-One systems, they nonetheless showcase a side of Tipper’s music which isn’t normally seen. BANGERS.

Imagine was a good festival in my opinion. I didn’t see or run into anything especially concerning, in comparison to the horror stories I’ve heard from years past. One thing seemed to be missing, however: drum and bass. Maybe next year we’ll see more DnB acts. I hope.

Did you attend Imagine? What did you think? What/who would you like to see next year? Let us know in the comments below!