Yonderville Music & Arts Festival already had us saving up to buy a ticket with one look at their Phase 1 lineup. It’s a straight-up homie fest. With names like Jade Cicada, 5AM, Choppy Oppy, and EAZYBAKED, how could you not be on board?

But today, Sugarcube Productions dropped Phase 2 and, well, just look at this masterpiece:

IX? CHEE? Wreckno? The Widdler playing back-to-back with Bukez Finezt?! That’s the kind of lineup that makes you quit your job because they won’t let you take the weekend off. We kid, of course. (No, seriously, anybody out there hiring?)


Antics aside, such a well-curated lineup makes this West Virginia based festival one of the most exciting, down-to-earth events coming to the northeast this summer. A host of collective showcases from top-notch organizations like The Rust and The Gradient Perspective make that claim all the more legitimate, so we’re banking on this July 4th weekend at Marvin’s Mountaintop to be one for the books.