The newly founded Iceberg Productions, headed by multi-instrumentalist bass producer G-Space, just dropped their first compilation album — a fresh 15-song array of bass music producers that relate to each other in a rather unconventional way. See, the artists presented on “No Experience Necessary” are brought together through a love of “tricking” (i.e. flipping, twisting, or kicking). It’s not meant in the musical sense (although the album does kick in its own big way) but as an insanely impressive athletic feat that can be used to amp up a live performance.

Each of the producers in the collection are Trickers in their own unique way (G-Space himself went on tour across Europe with France’s XSwipe Tricking last year) but they also bring a tangible flair to their own tracks that gives “No Experience Necessary” breadth in sound and feel.


At the outset, G-Space’s “Okay Fucked Up” ushers a massive sub-heavy intro, leading into equally tremendous track’s from bass up-and-comers CHENGA and TOWERS. HMPMLK’s “Traplord Flute Bats” flips the EP’s mood into airier trap beat territory, but carries the heat through to compositions from Philly’s OG JUAN SHINOBI, LA-based KyleCordova (making use of an amusing Family Guy sample), and Ru AREYOU from AloraSounds Records.

From RAN2CCIO’s “cruisin’ w/ Samosa Blue” onward the compilation chills in deeper, more absorbing soundwaves, especially amongst the distorted and stabbing synths in “Phony” by slinki. “No Experience Necessary” is a comprehensive collection as well as an exciting first release from a promising new label, hopefully kicking off Iceberg Productions into bigger and greater projects.