Many of us hold fond memories of trekking to The Mothership at the end of the year for Pretty Lights & Bassnectar’s collaborative event: BassLights.  It was the main event where two diverse fan bases would all reunite under one roof to solidify bonds with old friends and make new ones!

However, after BassLights’s untimely death in 2016, it left a void in the hearts of many – one that a small group of friends in the DMV area aimed to fill.  Having all met at the Hampton gathering, they sought to mimic a night in which they could still jam out to their favorite Pretty Lights and Nectar tracks on a decent sound system. Thus, Identity Theft Events was born.

The inaugural event packed out Baltimore’s Red Maple Lounge in 2016.  Last year’s event was relocated to the 8×10 venue, which sold out before doors even opened.  Tickets were in such high demand actually that they were even being scalped.  So in response to the overwhelming requests for yet another installment of this event, the boys are bringing it back even bigger this time.  On Friday, January 26th, the Identity Theft crew will transform the Baltimore Soundstage into The Mothership for another epic family reunion!

“It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  As the name suggests, our local artists will put their own personal twist on each of the artists whose identity they have “stolen” for the night.” – Corey King (Event Organizer & Artist).

Headlining, we have Haptik & Friends posing as “[email protected]@r” and Thought Process ft. Corey King as “Pr3tty L1ghtz”.  For direct support it’ll be Choppy Oppy Live as “[email protected]@t1k” and Sketchy Pete as Gr1zz” with Benny Billian as “[email protected] H0l0” to get the party started.

Haptic drops "Infinite" @ Identity Theft: Basslights • Baltimore

Official: Haptik drops "Infinite" @ Identity Theft: Basslights • Baltimore

Posted by The Wook Of Wall Street on Saturday, January 28, 2017


In addition to the amazing music, our talented friends from The Gradient Perspective will be hosting live painting, and art gallery & more!  Plus, it wouldnt be a true family event without giving something back to those in need. Following the example set by your favorite Bass Wizard we will be doing a Dollar per Basshead Donation to Believe In Music for every door ticket purchased!!!

Will we be seeing you this Friday? What song do you most want to hear played? Let me know in the comments below!