Malakai Linden’s musical background is grounded academically (he has an audio engineering degree from NYU), but it’s clear his understanding of sonic composition goes well beyond that. His musings as Brooklyn-based producer MALAKAI show a musical interplay unlike many others, traversing downtempo dreamscapes that connect on an emotional level.

MALAKAI’s recently released album Saros knocks on an almost ethereal plane. Soothing and lucid, each track takes you to a distinct liminal headspace — like something you’d experience laying in the grass during a spiritually connecting sunrise set. Percussive textures are playfully interwoven from start to end, balancing out MALAKAI’s mosaic-like acoustic melodies with glitch hop heavy beats.

Saros as an album is quite a treat: Its individual pieces flow into one another to form an absorbing whole, all with the potential to create an immersive atmosphere cranked through a solid system. And, if you cop it (for only $3) as of Sept. 21st, Linden, being the homie that he is, will donate 100% of your payment to the Hurricane Maria relief fund for Puerto Rico.

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