Everyone who knows me personally understands my “lone-wolf” lifestyle. It wasn’t something achieved intentionally, but just something that organically happened because LIFE. So I’ve become this self-sustaining creature that has grown accustomed to doing things on my own – dinner, movies, festivals…you name it.  And I can honestly say I have the most fun when I venture out alone!

 The occasional #SOLOMISH can take you on some of the most memorable mini-adventures. It teaches you to not be so dependent upon others for your own happiness and (ironically) invites new people into your life.  That’s the funny part (and the reason why I recommend most people try this at least once). Once you become so comfortable with your own company that you don’t need a #SQUAD is the EXACT moment when suddenly everyone wants to come talk to you. Especially in the EDM scene. Music festivals are perfect for this.

I went to Mysteryland recently with two friends and would sometimes slip away just to have some ‘me-time’.  I swear I’d get 20 yards away from them and either a stranger would randomly strike up casual conversation, or I would get interviewed, or someone would want to dance, or trade pins. These little magic moments are what you can sometimes miss out on when you travel in packs. Even if it’s something as small as going to see a late-night set by yourself because everyone else is at Mainstage – DO IT. Been there. You’ll thank me later. 😉  So if you really want to do something this Summer but can’t find anyone to tag along…don’t let  that stop you.

Besides, it’s only for a weekend, girl, get your shit together. You’ll survive.


xoxo – Dark