Well good god damn. Here it is, everybody. Sneaking through the night like he’s sly, Bassnectar’s dropped Reflective Pt. 4’s first single. This incredibly saucy collaboration with PEEKABOO absolutely murdered the crowd in Mexico at Deja Voom: “Illusion (Feat. Born I).”

This track is a 10/10 certifiable banger and it doesn’t take a seasoned veteran to figure that out. The opening synth alone is a testament to both of these producers as its twangy panning entangles the listener and drags them along for the ridiculous ride. The chopped vocals on the track express the mission: “I gotta get the place movin.” Sure enough, this shit is guaranteed to move a crowd. Blasting back to what we’ve come to know and love from Bassnectar, “Illusion” is a relentless trip down the rabbit hole designed to rattle your bones and break your neck.

Give “Illusion” a listen and let us know how you rate it on the Bass-o-meter. Does it satisfy your needs? 

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