Last week, bass music masterminds Black Tiger Sex Machine released a couple of new tracks on their Download The Future EP. This comes one year after their New Worlds LP, and a massive expanse of global touring. The Trio, known for their booming style of Electro-heavy bass music and dramatic live performances, really knocked this one out of the park – especially for just two-tracks.

The first track entitled “Hacker” is a collaboration with bass house and electro producer, Blanke, that progresses from airy, ambient, and melodic to anthemic, grimy, and grinding at the first drop. It adheres to BTSM’s usual brand of sci-fi thundering before ramping up for an intense and driving second drop.

The eponymous track, “Download The Future” is far more intense. Heavy sawed synths slowly increse in both pitch and anticipatory, building by the time the bombastic and industrial drop explodes through the composition and brings the track to its pace. The clamoring collection of bass, monstrous synths, and bombarding drums will have you headbanging til your neck hurts.

For a quick two-track EP, Download The Future provides bass and electro fans with everything they could need. I’m excited to get a chance to see these tracks add to the already cinematic and exciting live show.

Check out Download The Future, and let us know what you think of the new tracks from BTSM.

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