​Hailing from the city of Atlanta, Rhett Whatley, better known by his stage alias Daily Bread has been making music that fans of all backgrounds have gravitated towards. Spending hours digging through crates and pulling samples of soul music and hip-hop and adding his signature heavy handed bass, Daily Bread has steadily been producing music since his first LP, “Out There” in 2014. Having just recently released a hip-hop album with the Atlanta-based rapper STS, Daily Bread surprised his fans announcing that he had another album in the works set for release on May 3rd, Navigator, Standby”.

​This 11-track LP that features the similar style of production that “Bread Heads” have come to love with a new intergalactic twist. Featuring a carefully curated soundscape and prominent retro sci-fi aesthetic inside and out, this vintage yet futuristic electronic body of work is his most fleshed-out to date.  Starting with the first track “Spaceships on I-285” the overall vibe of the album is the feeling of being in a Twilight Zone-esque world, cruising through the stars in a drop-top Chevy with the windows rolled down.  While “Navigator, Standy” isn’t Daily Bread’s first concept-album, it is certainly his most cohesive piece of work to date. Daily Bread released the album’s lead single “Blaze The Heat” two weeks before the official release date and it features ripping blues guitar, church organs, synthesizers and several layers of low end throughout. 

​The second single “Curious By Nature” was released a week later, featuring lush gospel keys and soulful humming on top of classic breakbeats and a melodic bassline.  Another standout track off “Navigator, Standby”, “A Cloudy Day Pt. III” follows parts I & II which were released in 2014 & 2015. This newest version uses the same “There’s no sun, up in the sky” sample as parts I & II, but also features other Daily Bread samples off his 2016 “Cloud Conductors” concept-LP. While the prior two versions of ‘A Cloudy Day’ focused more on traditional instrumentation, part III is a futuristic, head-nod, heavy-hitting bass track that is sure to rock speakers and headphones everywhere.

​Staying true to his roots, every featured artist on “Navigator, Standby” comes from the city of Atlanta as well. Rappers STS and Obeah have history in working with Daily Bread on past projects and once again demonstrated how their uniquely fluid flows go hand in hand with the cosmic beats of Daily Bread. Fellow Atlanta producer and frequent collaborator Luke Sipkahops can be found on one of the closing tracks “Alien Creatures Are Landing”. 

“Navigator, Standby” is another stellar work put together by the meticulous mind of Rhett Whatley that’s sure to please Bread Heads all over. The album ends with the titular track that’s chock full of sci-fi sounds, neck-breaking bass, and samples of NASA workers in a launch room prior to take off, followed by a powerful rocket blast and an organ that slowly fades away as the album draws to a close. This is a record that will take you on a ride from start to finish; from the streets of Atlanta, to the moon, and beyond.

The full digital album and Vinyl pre-orders are available now HERE!

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