We love ourselves a good compilation album. The ability to sample a variety of up-and-coming producers offers the perfect look into the latest sounds out of a particular region or collective.

But a massive new compilation from Philadelphia’s SubSurface Dynamics is offering our ears a little more than just a sample. “SubSurface Dynamics 001: East Coast Compilations,” featuring some of the tri-state area’s hardest working producers, comes together to depict a northeast bass and dubstep scene overflowing with talent and creativity.

8 tracks. 9 names. That’s all that makes up this mixtape of monstrous proportions. The size and scope of this project’s sound is incredible, sliding seamlessly between and the deep and dubby to dark, minimal, and hip-hop influenced compositions. It all starts off with Slumpa’s “Deep Winter,” a cold and cavernous soundscape that’s all to easy to get lost in. “Imminent” from CyberSerum puts the spotlight on rhythm design, bouncing back and forth between an engaging percussion track and an ever-rattling sub.

Dexsta and CyberSerum rinsing their new tunes out at the compilation release party.

From there a collab between DeKoi and Oni, “Slip,” followed by a track called “Rastamon” from Tunic bring the heavy dub vibes with these two 140-bpm beauties. Dr. Funkle’s “Fiyah” is where things take a more interesting turn. It’s way more minimal than the rest of the album, drifting through a melodious atmosphere pushed forward by a driving sub-line.

Hip hop comes into the mix with XL’s “RPBP,” showing off bars from rapper and multi-instrumentalist Darianstaxx, a name we’d really love to see more of. Two more tracks from Dexsta and Max Casual conclude the project, rounding it out as a sonic, representation of the heights our local producers can go when pushed by collective creativity.

DeKoi shaking the walls at Sprout Music Collective on January 18

A proper christening of the project went down on January 18 at West Chester, PA’s Sprout Music Collective, where the compilation’s artist roster shook the walls with the support of the earth-shattering Hi-Vi Soundsystem. It was the ideal release party, giving heads a chance to dig the fresh sounds with the pleasure of a real sound system, in an atmosphere the scene knows and loves.

We highly recommend giving “SubSurface Dynamics 001: East Coast Compilations” a solid rinsing from start to finish. It defines the sound the SubSurface crew will be promoting throughout 2020, and with that knowledge, we couldn’t be more hyped to see what else they put out this year.