Brooklyn-based producer M!NT is bringing his listeners on an introspective sonic escape with his new release, “I Need Space,” out via California’s Outside/In Movement. Vast and meditative, the 5-minute composition traverses a multitude of distinct musical universes, each as absorbing as the one before it.

A calming vocal sample invites you to look deep inside to the far reaches of your inner consciousness, just before the track breaks into a double time beat, building up to a hypnotic, transcendental finale. As a whole, “I Need Space” is enticingly textured, an ideal atmosphere to lay back to and empty the far reaches of your mind.

As a highly adaptable producer, M!NT has concocted a large collection of differing sounds with his creativity, from the bass-soaked stylings of “Through Darkness EP” to a more beat-based personality with “Messages,” a jazzy rap collaboration with GDP. Looking ahead, M!NT will be dropping a roster of tracks he’s been working on with other artists from a variety of genres from the past few years. “I Need Space” marks an ethereal end to his current artistic chapter, before embarking on the next journey.