We think the world could use more positive male role models. And fewer fit the bill better than Matt Weishaupt, the mustached musical maestro known as Father Figure. As such, a role model should be strong, rousing, inspirational, illuminating: all traits abundantly present in the Upstate New York producer’s latest EP “Find A Way To Survive,” out today!

Throughout the 4-track EP we find Father Figure employing these traits to build enthralling peaks and arresting valleys. In the project’s opening and title track, “Find A Way To Survive,” such peaks are ubiquitous. 2Pac and Destiny’s Child samples build themes of pilgrimage and perseverance as sweeping synth-fueled overtones set a mood of determination in this collab with electro-hiphop wizard Heavyside Function.

Alone In The Streets” maintains a determined mindset with staccato piano notes that pace the composition forward. Splices from The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” introduce a somber attitude, soon uprooted by strong-willed and forward-pushing bass melodies.

Things get real groovy once “Tangled Up” hits full swing. A playful, reminiscent melody finds a home in your ears alongside a smooth and rhythmic drum beat. This ramps up into sharp textures and tenacious hand-drum percussion. The EP concludes in raw and glitchy flair with a track called “Shadow Boxing,” rife with aggression and pulsing energy. Thematically, it brings a resolution to the stirring ideas introduced in “Find A Way To Survive.”

With some projects it’s immediately clear the amount of soul-searching that was needed in order to come into existence. This EP exudes that, and then some. That’s the sort of effort fans come to truly appreciate. And if there’s anything that helps people survive the daunting day-to-day, it’s sincere and inspiring art from artists like Father Figure.

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