Gear up to explore unrelenting sonic territory with the new illanthropy EP gracing everyone’s playlists this month. ‘Headfirst’ just might be producer Stephen Blasy’s boldest works yet, as it takes strides through a multifaceted array of genres, styles, and sounds meant to explore the concept or transition.

The 6-track project offers a truly emotive experience, which was one of Blasy’s ultimate goals from the get-go.

“For me, “Headfirst” was meant to emulate the crazy combination of simultaneous emotions one feels when going through a major transition in their lives. Those feelings of confusion, unsure of the next step because the next step is straight into the vast unknown.”Stephen Blasy

These themes are intertwined throughout the immersive journey illanthropy takes you in just the first few tracks, from the heavy, womp-filled synthwork of “Tipsy” to the melodic and progressive remix of JiV’s “Buried” that brings you on a ride of soaring build-ups and releases.  

Headfirst’ reaches deep into experimental territory, and very successfully so. Dynamic tempo changes and intricate instrumentals give depth to arrangements like the monumentally climactic “Lifetime In A Moment.” And the EP’s closing track, “Asheville,” is notably elegant, but comforting at the same time.

Each composition supports a deeply satisfying afterglow, leading the listener to an introspective headspace where they can feel however they genuinely need to feel. In an era where fans typically chase tracks over albums, illanthropy’s work with ‘Headfirst’ almost begs to be taken in all at once. And, knowing that you’d be getting a meaningful listening experience time after time, we’re certain you’d be happy to do so.


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