For fans of electronic music with funk and soul, look no further. Jesse Miller is mostly known for his work as bassist of the eternally-sublime Lotus. When Miller isn’t creating beautiful soundscapes with Lotus, he’s getting down with his modular synth-driven side project, Beard-o-Bees. With Beard-o-Bees, Miller creates dance music that you can’t help but move to as he dissects sound, creating an irresistible groove. And then you throw Philadelphia-based duo Wax Future (Keith Wadsworth & Connor Hansell) into the mix and you have a whole new kind of groove. The end result is their new four-track EP, ‘BeesWax’.

The music blends Wax Future’s instrumental hip-hop with the psychedelic, analog production of Beard-o-Bees. Think Ratatat, DJ Shadow, and Boards of Canada with guitar, bass, and vintage synthesizers.

“I met Connor and Keith when we played a show together last year,” explains Miller. “I helped Connor get started building a modular synth rack. That introduction led to this recording project as we found our production styles complimented each other. I usually lean more toward house and techno tempos with Beard-o-Bees, so it was a nice change of pace to bring my approach to funk and hip-hop grooves.”

The musicians will perform together live at the Sensorium and SummerDance festivals later this month.

BeesWax’ is a breath of fresh air and is sure to put you in a better mood and get you grooving. Let us know which tracks you’re feeling the most!

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