This February, WUMP Collective brings us an up and comer looking to make big waves with his grungy new EP. “Rhymebook,” from Nashville dubstep producer low kee, comes dripping with tasty neuro-style grooves and gritty textures in a digestible 4-track package.

Each of these track packs a pretty punch, making this project a statement that’s sure to grab the attention of whoever’s listening.

Carrying the WUMP name is a testament in itself. The Collective’s artists — Smigonaut, illanthropy, and Scatz just to name a few —  are among the most pioneering in today’s bass scene. Any artist measuring up to that standard deserves an audience, and then some.  

But “Rhymebook” is a project that earns its accolades in its own right. From the opening song to the very last measure, an overarching darkness and industrial atmosphere pervades. “Stomp” sets this tone, wielding a drop so aggressive you’ll be feeling it tomorrow. The low end bounces through murky synth waves, crafting a halftime head knocker we just can’t get enough of.


“Time’s Up” offers an onslaught of sounds through a hammering drum track and heart-racing sonic elements. It’s without a doubt the EP’s highest energy composition, while still carrying the dark and gripping climate from the previous song.

“Surface” follows suit, as well as the project’s title track, “Rhymebook,” both offering deep-digging broken beat vibes. The latter really drills into your skull with subterranean vibrations, so find yourself a proper system or pair of headphones to give it the respect it deserves. This half of the EP shows off a commanding level of sound design that will undoubtedly put low kee on the map in the coming year.

If this rising star wasn’t on your radar before, we’d venture to say that’s about to change. Do us a favor and tell a friend, ’cause “Rhymebook” is worthy of WUMP-level praise.

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