McWavy is bringing new meaning to the term “hair-raising” with a heavy Halloween mix released today on The Gradient Perspective.

It’s a 15 minute listening experience called “BÄRDO,” overflowing with a coalescing concoction of ethereal, spooky, and soul-soothing soundscapes. It’s perfectly cinematic, drifting through scenes of darkness, light, and everything in between.

“It’s a listening experience, intended to be listened from beginning to end, which is why I created it as a full mix. Journey through the fog, the darkness, pass through BÄRDO and come out on the other side into the bright sun.” – Sarah McAndrew (McWavy)

It’s highly recommended to listen to this mix via a surround-sound system or a proper pair of headphones. That’s right, “BÄRDO” deserves that superior level of acoustic respect. We stan a properly curated listening experience, and we sure as hell stan McWavy for this release.