Sarah McAndrew, also known as McWavy composes “future jazz” inspired by the world around her. Her musical sound is attributed the culmination of influences from every genre that she listens to, blending musical instruments including “keyboards, saxophone and eclectic instrumentation like the didgeridoo, harmonica and more.” Sharing the stage with musical acts like kLL smTH, CloZee, The Russ Liquid Test and many more, McWavy brings “raw emotional power” with impressive improvisation, never failing to put on an enchanting live performance.

She recently released a new 3 track EP titled Summer Love on July 31st. McWavy’s “vivid imagination curates an unparalleled adventure of auditory stimulation”. In her Summer Love EP, McWavy brings forth melodious, chill vibes, creating an authentic blend of harmonies and vibrations for the soul. From the mellow sounds in the instrumental Bluebird to the soft, laid back vocals on the title track Summer Love, McWavy effortlessly proves her ability to capture auditory attention through “colorful layers of instrumentation.”

Listen to her Summer Love EP below and let us know what you think!

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