When Super Future and Wreckno dropped their single “BOUT ME” back in November, we knew the EP they were collaborating on was going to be something special. On their own, each of these producers bring a larger-than-life personality and one-of-a-kind sound to the stage. We could only imagine what a full-length project would be like with them together.

Pero, like, dayum. We didn’t know it was going to be this good.  

I mean, we would never, ever, doubt the ability of artists on the level these two consistently create on. But “HYPERNATURAL” is just that fantastic. The 4-track EP is stacked with fire from head to toe. And it’s out on Valentine’s Day? Yes, they love us. They really, really love us.

If there’s one track you should immediately direct your attention to, it’s the second song, “SIGNAL.” That bad boy will get the room bouncing in no time, and the bars Super Future and Wreckno trade off on are incredibly fun. We had to bring it back more than a few times when Wreckno switches up the flow; it’s so damn steamy.

The opening track, sharing the title of the EP, is a resounding anthem. Its lyrics “We know you like that heavy shit,” reverberate through the speakers and right into our soul. Both this song and “BOUT ME” use sweeping sonic movements to construct a series of deep, visceral moments; it’s less something to think about and more something that’s felt within.

RUMPAPUM,” like “SIGNAL,” is a pure bop. This double-time banger speeds through high-octane measures with energy and purpose: the ideal closer to an notably impressive listening experience.


And that’s exactly what “HYPERNATURAL” is beneath the surface: an intimate experience crafted by Wreckno and Super Future for you all to get lost in this Valentine’s Day. Tell us what you think after your first listen below!

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