No Remorse’s Releases Explosive New ‘Bang Bang’ EP! [LISTEN]

Recently, a short and sweet little EP by No Remorse entitled ‘Bang Bang’ slid across our desk. Tyler Bireley, the Virginia-based producer, digs his roots deep in the trenches and unleashes a chunky blast of filth with this two-track release out via Ebisu Sound. We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t pass it on to you guys.

First up on the EP is the titular track, “Bang Bang,” which opens with an ethereal and atmospheric composition. Melodic swells and airy synths weave throughout the rhythmic pulse of the bongos, all while a flock of naturescapes lull the listener into an other-worldly jungle. As the whirlwind production reaches fever pitch, the atmospheric nature of the track breaks away ushering in a parade of staggering synths.

The latter half of the release features the deliciously deep “Turn It Up.” Echoing synths lay the groundwork for an opening sequence loosely reminiscent of Bassnectar’s “Mind Tricks” intro. Titular vocal chops build and rapidly peak before dropping precisely into a hodgepodge of hip-hop breakbeat and sub-bass sludge. The simplicity of the kick-snare pattern is perfect in juxtaposition to the wickedly distorted bass line.


Collectively, Bang Bang is a juicy little EP that kicks like a mule when you turn the volume up and let the sub-bass consume you. Take a listen yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below!