Pluto Era and 5AM are two musical artists from Philadelphia that have been making waves within the bass community in recent years. Individually excelling in sound design and constructing elaborate journeys into and throughout sound, they have collaborated to bring us a two-track EP called ‘Lookout,’ being released today.

From being direct support for a sold out Tipper & Friends Tipsgiving at Kings Theatre to sharing the stage with other big names like Shpongle, Jade Cicada, KLL sMTH, Detox Unit and more, Sam Andrus, better known as 5AM, has garnered much positive attention from fans this past year.

Specializing in a style of bass music that “opens portals between the mystical jazz fusion, soul of the past and the digital psychedelic pulse of the future,” while “living for moments of transcendence when two musical ideas merge into something brand new”, 5AM has continued to keep fans on their toes for what to expect next.

Dan Getz or Pluto Era takes on a soulful, glitch-hop approach to experimental bass. Focusing on “a classical composition format with a forcibly open awareness to the possibilities of modern production” and “reveling in the farthest and most abstract depths of sound design”, Pluto Era’s music has entertained many souls in just the first four years of his music career.

Teaming up together to release a two-track EP not only guarantees fans a quality soundtrack with exceptional sound design but also an organic approach to both of their styles of music. Lookout is an EP totaling about nine minutes long but is filled with the vibrations of modern, experimental and freeform bass while having immensely creative and eccentric music production.


Take an elaborate journey through sound with two of the most influential, up and coming artists from the Philadelphia area.

Listen to ‘Lookout’ and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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