A compilation album came out this weekend flaunting big wins on two fronts: it introduces a lineup of new bass producers for you to dive into, plus its proceeds will be donated to a great cause during the current political climate.

Coming from the brand new Taiga Collective, “Taiga Collective: Compilation 1” features 11 trip hop, melodic, and world bass tracks all from different producers. Whether the names are familiar or not, it’s clear from each composition that these are artists you should be following a lot more closely.

Take Chmura’s “Pleasure Barge” for example. Its measures bounce between hazy synths and deep-digging wubs to create an immersive yet hard-hitting atmosphere. Similarly, “Onward” by Jonteal is well-designed dreamscape built from distorted organic instrumentals. Each section adds on to the track’s overarching journey, exuding themes that will surely stick in the listener’s mind.

Josh Teed, the founder of Taiga Collective, lent his talents to the compilation’s lineup as well with “Taking Flight.” Opening with scene setting natural sounds, this track takes off into emotive and vibrant territory. Abundant instrumental elements and a driving bass line embody the overall direction of the compilation as a breath of fresh air in the melodic and world bass scene.

While we strongly recommend checking out the full album (each track is notably strong and distinct in their personalities) we want to highlight “Final Gear” by Cosmal. It’s a buttery smooth jam through and through, with a chillingly cool guitar riff and vocals. An easy add to the many tracks on this album we will be playing on repeat.


Taiga Collective comes from Teed as a nonprofit aimed at donating money to the Wildlife Conservation. Due to recent events, the collective will be forwarding proceeds of “Taiga Collective: Compilation 1” to Campaign Zero, a comprehensive platform dedicated to research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America. If you’re looking for a way to spend some money in support of the current protests, this is a sure bet (while getting some great tunes, too).

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