It is absolutely undeniable at this point that the boys over at The Rust Music are onto something special. They have been at the forefront of compelling bass music for a while now, and they have absolutely no signs of stopping. I was lucky enough to host both Tygris and Squalpat on past lineups for events with The Drop, and I have been itching for their collaborative effort since it was announced a month or so ago. Today, they released ‘Packaging Solutions– an incredible two-track collaborative EP that exemplifies everything great coming out of The Rust’s camp. 

Opening up the double-dose of deliciousness is “Vertical Snacking,” a mellow hip-hop track that oozes with satisfying synths. Grinding bits of manipulated data flow seamlessly throughout the introduction before taking root in a funky R&B beat. Sweeping pans and plucky bass hits bring this trip-hop concoction to full form while discordant textures wriggle and writhe throughout. It’s a trippy, ethereal composition that puts both Tygris & Squalpat’s sound design chops on full display. 

“Filthy Frank,” the latter track on the EP brings another exceptional exhibition of gritty synthesis and spiraling soundscapes. Vocal samples echo in space behind shifting waves of oscillating bass, while a driving beat makes it impossible to sit still. It’s the breakdown in the latter half of the track, however, where “Filthy Frank” truly shines. Filters sweep across the entire orchestration as reversed drum fills punch through giving the track a jazzy, asynchronous feel. 

Tygris has been gracing SoundCloud with excellent trip-hop vibes for over two years now, but having something from Squalpat hit the web is another exciting step for the folks at The Rust. Check out Packaging Solutions, and let us know what you think of this killer collaboration. 

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