The last time we checked in with Rapture Studios, they had just released Black Hole, their incredible compilation album featuring some of the finest names in underground and rising bass music. A month has passed and this time they’re coming back and releasing a killer EP from Skewbs, entitled Unlock Khepri. It’s a fun little collection of halftime bass tracks that holds itself in perfect balance between dreamy, atmospheric, and thundering compositions. 

There’s something eerily beautiful about how Skewbs introduces “possession of originality.” The fluttering, bubbly beeps and synths that echo through the background match perfectly with the heavily reverbed kicks that twist and turn throughout the track. Once the second drop comes around, the glitchy and scratchy sound design shapes and accentuates the frantic vocal samples and skittering percussion; making this one of my favorite tracks on the EP.

While they may feel withdrawn and heavily muted, the modulated horn melody truly makes this “commandeer” stand out among the rest. What feels like a funky glitch-hop introduction quickly diverts, and breaks into choppy halftime rattling. By the time the drawn-out crescendo of horns introduces the second half of the track, the listener is ready and willing to be consumed by the staggering industrial noise and crunch that embodies the latter drop.

The titular track off the EP “unlock” is a brilliant representative of Skewbs ability to transition from pensive, melodic textures to crispy and rhythmic climaxes. Stirring awake with breathy synths that dance through space, “unlock” quickly collapses in on itself and grinds through a thumping bassy drop. 

From start to finish, Skewbs’ Unlock Khepri EP is a brilliant display of glitch mastery and melodic intuition. It is an inspired collection of halftime hits that prides itself on lulling you into moments of beauty before thrusting some heavy-hitting bass in your face. 

Check out Skewbs’ full Unlock Khepri EP on SoundCloud, and let us know what your favorite track is in the comments below!

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