Up-and-coming house music producer Patrick Richards just dropped a buttery new mix, and it includes a sweet collaboration from our neighborhood hero, 5AM.

Richards crafts a party-ready selection of playful and percussive tracks. Titled “Husky House Jawn,” the hour-plus mix features deep, driving house tunes that flaunt intricate sound design and dance-inducing vocals. Starting with Diplo’s bouncy “Bubble Up,” multi-layered grooves fall in one after the other, leading the listener to an unreleased collaboration between Richards and 5AM called “Air.” It’s a far reach from your standard 5AM composition, but it’s ripe with trippy atmospheric elements and energetic synthwork.

Richards is a rising force in the house music scene, and with a healthy history of shows under his belt and releases as hot as this one, we won’t be surprised to see his name gracing larger and larger lineups in days to come.