Sometimes it takes seeing something new and outside of your regularly scheduled programming to really open yourself up to a whole different vibe. While I was at Elements Lakewood, I was wandering from stage to stage seeing what kind of artists were rocking out. I didn’t make it far before I found myself stuck at the Earth Stage enjoying the beautiful summer vibes of New Zealand electronica producer, Baynk. His energetic stage presence and feel-good music selection made dancing and grinning contagious. It was exciting, magnetic, and one of my favorite sets of the weekend.

Baynk is relatively new in the states, but he has been making waves with his poppy, bubbly take on electronica for a little over four years now. Starting his career as many do, making beats in his bedroom while studying at college; he dropped his first track, “Sundae,” on SoundCloud back in 2015, and saw it blow up in just a few short months. It’s a wistful house track that combines airy synth punctuations with sharp funky rhythmic hits. Throw a few well-chopped and atmospheric vocal lines in there and you’ve got a perfect windows-down, foot-tapping summer hit fit to land you on tour with Matoma; which it did.

Recently he dropped an EP entitled Someone’s EP II. It’s a thrilling collection of tracks that at showcases a talented producer with a knack for toned-down subtlety and pop sensibilities. I think one of the reasons I’m so drawn to this EP is the melodic nature and the calmness of the production. While tracks like “go with u” (a punchy pop classic with bright synths and perfectly rhythmic guitar plucks) could very well be blasted from a car as you embark on a long road trip, soulful moments like “Off Limits (Feat. GLADES)” sonically emulates a rooftop party with all your closest friends while dancing with your crush. GLADES’ beautiful voice accompanies a meandering beat that is so perfectly reserved while funky synth brass notes melodically dance through the forefront. It’s just impossible to listen to without bobbing and grooving.

And that’s how much of the EP continues, a lot of soulful vocals paired perfectly with Baynk’s eclectic production. “Simmer (feat. Hablot Brown)” is one of my favorite songsin the collection. It’s got an R&B heart with a perfectly subtle funk bassline. But it’s halfway through where an arpeggiated tone rolls through the beat and mixes perfectly with Hablot Brown’s voice that the track truly grabbed me. Those characteristics, paired with the beautiful breakdown where Brown’s vocals harmonize, are what bring this whole track together.

While not normally what I would call first on my list of genres to seek out, Baynk’s playful, stripped down vibe is a nice cathartic diversion from my regular playlist of trap, bass, and heavy bangers.