On Facebook, Tipper & Friends Events revealed the VJs for the Tipper Takeover. Tipper, Jade Cicada, and Detox Unit will be performing alongside Fractaled Visions, Steve Haman, and Cullen Hassel. VJ’s are perhaps the unsung heroes of modern electronic music, and anyone who’s attended a T&F event before knows firsthand the eye-candy coming to ATL.

If you aren’t familiar, Fractaled Visions’ art is exactly as his name suggests: high-quality, 3D fractal renderings. He’s now a regular Tipper VJ who recently performed the visuals for the Slug Wife takeover at Suwanee in April. In my experience, the man’s a total mind melter and top of the class.

Steve Haman is one of my favorite VJs right now. He mixes his unique style with those of adored artist like Incedris and Stephen Kruse. Haman has been frequenting many Jade Cicada shows as of late and recently did the visuals for Tipper’s two sets at Arise.

A fresh face on the lineup, Cullen Hassel collaborated with Datagrama on the now legendary projection-mapped visuals at Camp Bisco. Hassel has made quite a few festival stops this summer alongside Detox Unit, notably, Sonic Bloom and Infrasound.

All-in-all it seems Imagine is in for a true and proper takeover. Potentially, all three VJs will colloborate for Tipper’s set, meaning we’re in for a truly special visual experience. Single day passes are reported to cost $99+ fees!


Are you excited for the Tipper Takeover? Do you plan on attending? Let us know in the comments below!