For the first time in nearly a year, fans of Keota were blessed with another minimix chock-full of unreleased music. The 12-minute mix contains seven unreleased tracks (if you include “Dark Matter” which was released earlier this morning via Rapture Studios) all with impressive sound design and some serious bounce factor.

I had a chance to have a conversation with the man behind the beard and asked him about his mix and his upcoming plans.

“I’ve just been working on a good handful of these unreleased tunes and I know if I didn’t put out a minimix of them, it would’ve been a while before I figured out how I wanted to release them. Just trying to give everyone a nice snapshot of where I’m at right now so I can keep focusing on finishing these tunes and preparing for an EP.”


If the Summer Minimix is any indication on where he’s at now, this EP is sure to do some true damage. Make sure you peep the mix and let us know how you’re feeling about it down below!