Chicago based music producer, John McCarten, better known as Manic Focus, is widely recognized for his organic style of music, never limiting himself to just one genre.

On June 19th, he dropped his newest single, All This Is, in anticipation for his latest upcoming album, Lost in a Digital World, scheduled for release in September.

In his newest song, the producer takes a turn trying his hand at house music.

This was my first attempt at making a house track, but as it evolved it kind of became its own bassy thing. I was going for something hard, dancy, almost industrial; and “All This Is” has quickly become one of my favorite songs to play live because that’s exactly what it became.

Manic Focus

Following Never Grew Up, the first single dropped from his upcoming album, All This Is proves to be a “crunchy breakbeat styled drop” tied to his original funky beats.

Stream his newest single here!