Chicago-based Joe McCarten, better known by his stage alias: Manic Focus, is known for creating music that is almost impossible to not dance to. Incorporating live instrumentation and a heavy hip-hop vibe to his bubbly and uptempo sound gets your head nodding before you even realize it. His latest project, Lost in a Digital World certainly follows suit.

The twelve-track album contains features from frequent MF collaborators from the likes of: Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live/ Break Science), Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), Russ Liquid as well as an unexpected (yet undeniably slick) tune with Protohype.

In typical Manic Focus fashion, among the more lively tracks are some tunes sprinkled in like Lyriebird (Ft. Lee and Lalli) Pearl that are perfect for closing your eyes and catching the vibe. The production level on this album is incredibly solid all the way through. It has a very balanced feel to it while it dolls out some refreshing energy on nearly every track. Give it a listen and let us know what songs you’re feeling the most!