Just a few months ago, Brooklyn-based producer Moon Boots dropped a two-track EP for his songs “Keramas” & “Harpanet.” It was a juicy, modulated experience that touched on just the right psychedelic stylings while staying true to his deep house roots. Last week, he went in a different direction with the fresh new single “Tied Up (feat. Steven Klavier)” off his highly anticipated album Bimini Road which is slated to release on September 6. 

“Tied Up” takes a few notes from house music’s disco origins while still sliding in a couple of jazzy flairs that accentuate Moon Boots’ previous repertoire. It gracefully waltzes its way through contemporary pop vibes, barbershop harmonies, and an excellent vocal melody sung by friend and fellow Brooklynite, Steven Klavier. As the track’s main piano riff wispily introduces itself in the beginning, the steady rhythmic chugging of hi-hats and snaps build with Klavier’s reverbed “doo-doo-doo’s.”  The meat of the track bounces along with thumping bass and a delicately subtle bassline perfect for shufflers and shakers alike. 

Bimini Road is a thematic album, inspired by the discovery of the ruins of Atlantis at Bimini in the Bahamas. The funky, jazzy, and melodic tracks expected to accompany Bimini Road’s release should be the perfect way to cap off a summer of sunshine, beaches, and dancing. 

Bimini Road is out this September 6th on Ajunadeep. Moon Boots will also be making his way on tour with a full 7-piece band, sure to add an exceptional level of depth and intrigue to his already exciting beats.