Earlier today, the beloved trio took to social media to announce the end of an era. After 20 years of music, development and growth, Noisia has decided to bid this chapter farewell.

Since 2000, Noisia has been leading the charge in modern dance music. “The trio has released two albums, landmark remixes for Moby, What So Not, Katy Perry and others, discovered and mentored Skrillex, soundtracked popular video games including Devil May Cry, and developed, toured and self-controlled an eye-popping audio visual tour.”

“Noisia is a game that we’ve completed. There’s very little left for us to explore together.”

-Nik, Martijn, Thijs

Through the years, Noisia’s individual members have collaborated on various projects and personal side projects, but “the reality is: we are not who were before, and the time of doing everything together because we all want the same is behind us.”

In 2020, to celebrate 20 years and to say a proper goodbye, Noisia will be embarking on their final, farewell tour. “One last year of touring DJ shows, one last year of Noisia Radio, and finish and release the music that we’ve been working on together.”

While many fans are left shocked by the unexpected news, there has been an outpour of support and understanding for the group as they begin their next individual chapters.