As arguably one of the best producers and sound designers in electronic music history, Dave Tipper, has always been a name to lookout for. From his “meticulously crafted soundscapes” to the methodical effort and imagination involved in bringing his music to life; Tipper has continued to transcend the boundaries of electronic music for over two decades.

As he continues to gain attention for his depth and variety, his fan base continues to grow. Tipper has caught the ears of “younger electronic music lovers” who are “maturing and looking for new experiences.” Most recently, the T&F team collaborated with visionary visual artists Datagrama and Cullen Hassel for a ground breaking performance at Camp Bisco. Tipper dropped many new, unreleased tracks for the first time while Datagrama and Cullen used “8 projectors and sent 4K signal in real time” to roof map visuals creating a surreal and immersive display.

As the Tipper and Friends team continue to melt minds during festival sets, they’re steadily gearing up for an even bigger 2020 – before Tipper takes “his first ‘hiatus/vacation’ in his adult life” during 2021.

Tipper’s manager, “Other Dave” took to Facebook to give the community an update on events for the rest of the summer and things to look forward to in 2020.

This weekend, Tipper will play an Uptempo and Twilight Journey at Arise Festival in Colorado, then fly to Summer Meltdown in Washington for another Journey Set to close Sunday night.

After a short break, Tipper will resurface at the end of the summer for a Resonance and Imagine double-header. Other Dave has also teased that more Tipper ‘Takeovers’ will be happening later in the year to help expose more than just Tipper’s music to new fans.

As the Tipper Community continues growing, the Tipper and Friends team is making an effort to “try and make each and every show different to all the others, touch as many bases as we can whilst ‘keeping it real’”.

In terms of next year, Other Dave has left us with just enough of a preview on what events to get excited for. Gearing up for a busy year, Tipper & Friends is looking to secure another weekend in New Orleans, this time at the Saengar Theater, known for its acoustically treated ceiling.

While hinting at a “really grandiose project for the next installment of T&F Kings Theater”, Tipper & Friends is also hoping to get back to Astral Valley, a truly magical venue.

Teasing fans with even more events, Other Dave has stated the team is in the process of inspecting a new location for a possible big T&F Colorado weekend and maybe even another weekend at Suwannee.

Although Dave Tipper will be going on a break in 2021, the T&F team seems to have a number of exciting events planned for 2020; leaving insatiable fans satisfied but eager for more.