For awhile now GRiZ has been playing whatever the hell he wants. What started as a singular sound and vibe has expanded into a vast catalog of music that can turn up any venue the charismatic sax aficionado steps foot in. When he’s not on tour, GRiZ has been known to perform pop up shows, where he plays and expresses his deep love of house music. Enter the Los Angeles native and fellow house enthusiast, SHOOKA and pure magic happens.

As individuals, these two are both extraordinary curators of the perfect party vibe. As a team, they are The SHiZ. Although they have played a handful of shows together over the last few years, the pair had yet to release a track. As you can expect, their tune “Off In The Disco” is the perfect tech-house party anthem that slaps harder than a Canadian hockey player in post-season. Hopefully this is the first of much more to come from The SHiZ but, for now, check out their tune and tell us what you think!