The music of Taylor Bosse is a baptism via bass. Enveloping the listener in pulsing low-ends, his work as Orchestrobe washes you clean of every preconceived notion of what dubstep can be, and instills within you a higher standard for the genre. Plenty of pioneering bass producers inhabit our east coast scene, but Orchestrobe’s ability to construct sinister, subterranean soundscapes is notably imaginative, best exemplified in ‘UFO,’ his massive 26-track collection of original material released earlier this year.

Compositionally diverse, UFO’s essence develops through its series of melodically introspective songs. Each are supported by well-crafted, forceful basslines — none as rowdy as the Levitation Jones partnered project “Fuzzy Muffler,but delightfully more lucid, beat-centric, and focused. As a lengthy album, ‘UFO might take a few sessions to get through. Some notable highlights include the driving, abyss-like “Gas,Dirty Keys,” a mischievously jazz-influenced track, and the Eastern-style psybass concoctionMyasma.”

Orchestrobe, as a budding producer, is growing into his own voice quite properly if this release is any indication. Comprehensive and captivating, ‘UFO’ is undoubtedly Orchestrobe’s dissertation on dubstep, presenting his otherwordly theories and ideas that, hopefully, could impact the face of dubstep in years to come. Take a listen, and let us know what you think in the comments below.