Out of Office.

We’re on the road!!!! So fucking stoked! I’ve been dying to go to this festival for the lonnnngest! Super grateful I’m finally getting the opportunity! Shoutout to Pat & Gabby for being awesome fucking humans! Much love!

OK – so #TheLineup. Let’s refresh our drinks:  


  • LOWTEMP, basically. 
  • EOTO. 

Big Gigantic would’ve been the 5th but I don’t fuck with odd numbers. FIGHT ME. Anyways – def gonna be on the hunt for these beauties as soon as we touch down:  SICK. I KNOW. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN. I GOT THIS! Task force is already on detail lol. #ByAnyMeansNecessary No but in all seriousness those Bears are everything I need in my life. Between drugs and merch, after this weekend my bank account is gonna be on life support. Send flowers and positive vibes to Room 808 😉

– Dark