We’re on the road!!!! So fucking stoked! I’ve been dying to go to this festival for the lonnnngest! Super grateful I’m finally getting the opportunity! Shoutout to Pat & Gabby for being awesome fucking humans! Much love!

OK – so #TheLineup. Let’s refresh our drinks:  


  • LOWTEMP, basically. 
  • EOTO. 

Big Gigantic would’ve been the 5th but I don’t fuck with odd numbers. FIGHT ME. Anyways – def gonna be on the hunt for these beauties as soon as we touch down:  SICK. I KNOW. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN. I GOT THIS! Task force is already on detail lol. #ByAnyMeansNecessary No but in all seriousness those Bears are everything I need in my life. Between drugs and merch, after this weekend my bank account is gonna be on life support. Send flowers and positive vibes to Room 808 😉

– Dark