Given the current state of trap music, I haven’t been too hopeful when it comes to new releases. So yesterday morning, when I woke up to Party Favor and Baauer dropping their new collaboration “MDR,” I was a bit hesitant for what I would hear; I was pleasantly surprised.

The single kicks off with a glitched drone, accentuated by the obligatory trap siren. It slowly builds, before descending into Party Favor’s signature rhythmic vocal chops and heavy horns. Chunky hi-hats and an ever growling synth churn through the atmospheric build before a heavily filtered beat throbs in the background. Breaking away for a second, a deep sub-bass pulsing ensnares the track; taking a hard 180, a drum ‘n bass pattern breaks through and for just a second, you forget who you’re listening to. Then those beautiful trap horns punch right back in, and we’ve come full circle.

“MDR” is a surprising look into what happens when artists like Party Favor and Baauer break out and dabble in the unexpected. As artists who have been releasing uncharacteristic work as of late, I’m excited to see how these two expand their repertoire with more tracks outside their respective norms.

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