The printer ran out of ink. The boss wouldn’t hop off your back. That co-worker was just a little more bitchy than normal. Sometimes the work week is a bit too much to handle, but there’s nothing great music can’t fix.

Press play on these 9 recently released bangers and make all those worries go away, just in time to have the weekend you deserve.

In My Room – Rumpistol

The Rust Music’s Rumpistol created a vastly wondrous sonic world in this one track. Take a dive into the full “In My Room” EP, but be prepared to be blown away.

Glitched – Maāk. G

We wooks typically aren’t happy unless our brains are blown out the back of our skulls. And yea, we’re pretty happy with this one.

Sunken City of R’yleh – Chee.

New Chee. New me. (Also, hopefully a new pair of headphones cause this track just blew out the old pair.)

Realness – Omnist

Take a dose of this realness from Omnist to start your week off right.

Upwards – Cualli

This is a special one. Not that anything from Cualli isn’t special, but this is one likely to take you to your happy place.

Dark Age – Rezz (Luceo Flip)

If you’re looking to rage this weekend, this Luceo flip is the track to amp you up proper. Disclaimer: We at The Wook of Wall Street are not responsible for the consequences of said raging.

Finally Gone – Black Carl!

A righteous composition, Black Carl! takes you deep into your inner psyche with “Finally Gone.” We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Aural – Dillard

Aural” is a trip through blissed-out melodies we would be glad to take over and over again.

Condition II – salute

This house track from salute will surely wash away and woes built up this week from work. It’s equally reassuring, moving, and emotional. Cheers to a great weekend!