Over here at The Wook of Wall Street, we’re constantly sifting through the digital wastelands, searching for uncovered tracks that deserve to be heard. Songs that have been overlooked, or simply lost in the minutiae of social media.

That’s what Groundscores is all about: a weekly dose of unearthed fire that we each can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s finds below!


If a song could literally knock your socks off, we’d need, like, 10 new pairs of socks right now. This one’s straight up mental.

sfam, Mersiv – Don’t Test Me Feat. quaviusblack

This shit just gets us too hype. “Don’t test me, muhfucka I said it! Muhfucka I said it!”

Tsuruda – Dragon Of The Darkness Flame

Tsuruda always brings straight up gravitational bass, this time paying homage to anime series Yu Yu Hakusho.

Ønblack – 80s

Come correct when you turn up this new Ønblack track, it isn’t playing around.

Sidewalk Boy – STEELE 

The Untz bring this absolutely raw and punishing Sidewalk Boy premiere to us, off his forthcoming “GODCORE” EP, out September 26.

Wallgrin – Ae’aea (Aztek Remix)

AZTEK’s remix of this Wallgrin tunes is purely ethereal and mystical, and will undoubtedly transport you away to another world.

eyeseeu – wavcraft

eyeseeu is back, and with a handful of new, mindboggling compositions. Among them is “wavcraft,” a brain-melting banger you’ll need to replay to fully comprehend.