Read on for your weekly dose of unearthed fire that we can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s Groundscores below!

G Jones – Dark Artifact

G Jones delivering that melodic and complex goodness that also goes really hard is what keeps me together through the hard times.

iX – HypnotiX

“Brilliantly modulated vocal samples encompass the composition on ‘HypnotiX,’ … Each song on [his new EP ‘Transient Den‘] takes you in a completely unique and unexplored direction, but still carries enough of iX’s telltale substance to root it in his own distinct world.” – Shawn Russell Johnson

Smokestax – crunchwrap

We came for the acoustic guitar, but we stayed for that body-shaking bass. And that Spanish shit we don’t understand but sounds pretty lit.

Thought Process – Puddle System

A good track roundup is never complete without a headknocking bass-bop from Thought Process. “Puddle System” is here to make your day a great one.

ATYYA – Enter

This is the deep, dark dub we’ve been looking for all week. Don’t head into the weekend without knocking this new ATYYA.